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by Christine Rose Esteph

“What does Christmas mean to you,”
a little child once asked his mother.
“It’s giving, of course,” she then replied.
For in her eyes as far as meanings there were no others.

“You see my son,” the mother continued
“When we go to Grandmas this Christmas Eve,
You’ll have many more cousins to give gifts to
And many more gifts to receive.”

The child looked on with eyes full of hope
…as any little child would.
But he never did hear that night the true meaning of Christmas
Like every little child should.

He never heard how God sent His son,
the only one he had to die upon an old rugged cross.
For all children, good or bad.

God loves his children every one whether good, bad, or in-between,
But it’s our job to spread his word so His love in us will be seen.

So on your Christmas endeavors I encourage you all to remember,
This year and many more years to come God’s love He showed for us everyday; not just in December.

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