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For this month’s Spotlight Segment I spoke with someone who has been a light for so many people in the Pickaway County area. John Ramey is the director of Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries – a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization that ministers and helps those who are in need.

We have known John and about the mission he has been given for a little while, but in asking him these questions I hope to not only shine a light on all the good works that Walk the Talk has been doing for Pickaway County, but to also highlight some ways that you yourself can get involved and help out this wonderful organization.

Some areas of opportunity for Walk the Talk is getting the chance to show people the love of Christ through their actions, and being obedient to His command of feeding those who are hungry and in need. John says: “It is one thing to talk the talk, but it is totally different when you walk the talk.”

For the community, the area of opportunity is getting involved in feeding the less fortunate on a continual basis. Their resources allows them to purchase items in greater quantity. For instance, $200 allows them to obtain over 2,000 pounds of food and supplies, so when donations are made to them the individuals can know that they are helping to feed numerous families instead of providing for just one family.

As far as accomplishments go, Walk the Talk is trying to make sure families and individuals in Pickaway and surrounding counties have enough food to provide for
 their families. In addition to food they provide hygiene items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and baby supplies as needed.

Something people should also know is that Walk the Talk was recently approached by the Governor’s office and asked if they would run a mobile food pantry. The reason for this request was that many people in the community have difficulties going to a food pantry and receiving needed items due to transportation or medical issues. Since they are a Christian organization, they refuse to turn down anyone in need, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or any other discriminatory factor.

When it comes to funding, the majority of it comes from four different sources: private donations, grants, fundraisers and local businesses – such as Walmart and Save-A-Lot.

Right now, their most urgent needs are canned goods and funding. Additionally, they are asking individuals to get involved in the Empty Bowls program that Keystone Books & Gifts has started. This is a great program helps those in the community who need assistance with food and supplies.

What would make a huge difference in Walk the Talk’s mission?  Ramey states, “As with any organization the more we are blessed by others, the more we can accomplish in this community and beyond. Many people want to get involved but they do not know where to begin. Our supporters feel blessed by the amount of individuals being served every month.”

The best way to learn more about Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries, is by visiting them at their website,, or by stopping by their Facebook page and giving. Social media and word of mouth have been the best ways to keep informed on what is going on with Walk the Talk’s mission.

For more information on Empty Bowls, be sure to reach out to either Walk the Talk or Keystone Books & Gifts. You can also find out more about it and upcoming events at: