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by Christine Rose Esteph

Do you see the rose or the thorny bush?
It all depends on your point of view,
Do you see the positive or negative side?
How you see it is all up to you.

When you look at a rose
Do you see beauty or pain?
Do you dwell on the loss
Or what you stand to gain?

Do you see the beauty of a rainbow
Or the gloom of a storm?
For out of the gloom
Sometimes beauty is born.

Sometimes your outlook is purely reflective
On the way that you view simple things,
Sometimes you have to think positive
To see the beauty negative brings.

In order for negative to be effective
You have to look in a different way,
See the potential in the negative things
And look for the positive everyday!

When you look at the rose
Do you see beauty or pain?
When you see the possible gloom of a storm
Do you see the rainbow or only the rain?

The rose or the thorny bush
Beauty or pain,
Positive or negative
Loss or gain?

The gloom of a storm or
The beauty of rainbows?
With the sun and the rain
A beautiful promise grows.

In order for negative to be effective
Look at things in a different light,
Your point of view is purely reflective
On how you view things within your sight!

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