By Darlene Weaver of the Pickaway County Historical and Genealogical Library

On the site of Lot 197 (formerly part lots 29 and 30 on the circle), a new four story building was erected in 1896. It was a handsome building with a tile roof, a storefront and a separate tower entry to the upstairs. Porthole windows line the alley side of the building. It was initially occupied by the Mack Parrett Clothing Store.

In May of 1897 the Third National Bank occupied the building and kept their place of business there until 1921.

Fowler Meat Market followed the bank and remained until 1922. At that time Carl Seitz Pianos and Radios operated from the 138 West Main location. It is believed that during his ownership the name of the building changed from the Parrett Building to the Seitz Building. Seitz remained until 1930 and his name has remained at the top of the arched doorway to the floors above.

The Mecca restaurant followed Seitz in 1938 and Griffith & Martin Floor Coverings then moved to that location, staying until 1950. The Lair Furniture Co. moved there in 1950, followed by the Fairmont Restaurant who served the public until 1961. They were replaced by Van’s Restaurant until 1965 and it remained a restaurant as the Colony until 1968. In 1971 Lindsay’s Donut Shop took over, became Lindsay’s Coffee Shop in 1986 and later the Hot Rod Café & Deli in 2002.

The Pumpkin Café & Deli moved to this site in 2006, followed by Peppy’s Pizza in 2007 and the Hot Spot Café in 2009.

Keystone Books located at 138 West Main in 2016 and remains to this date.

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