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The Octagon House was constructed 1855-56 by George W. Gregg, and it was occupied from the time of its construction until 1998. The house measures approximately 70 feet across which includes the 7 foot porch overhang. In 2004, the house was moved from its original location in order to save it from demolition by a team dedicated to the preservation of the house. After being relocated to another site on the same historic farm property that history continues.

In 2017 the Roundtown Conservancy completed the following projects to help secure this beautiful historical structure for further restoration.
– Put beam supports under the staircase, jacked it up and added additional supports.
– Removed flooring, plumbing and wiring.
– Made Spiral Staircase level and leveled floors.
– Repaired cupola
– Plexiglas in windows

“As part of the restoration of the Octagon House one of the things that we are working on are fundraising ideas,” said James Esteph, a trustee for Circleville’s Roundtown Conservancy. Esteph added, “Now that we’ve secured a new architectural preservation company to help in first restoring the Octagon House, we are looking forward to seeing the progress of bringing this beautiful historical structure back to life.”

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The Roundtown Conservancy is a non-profit, 501c3 organization.

Roundtown Conversancy
P.O. Box 501
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