The Pickaway County FANS Network is a group of friends, allies & neighbors who have committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. This month I spoke with Heather Foll of the Pickaway Developmental Disabilities and she shared with me a little bit about the FANS network.

The FANS Network (Friends, Allies and Neighbors) are looking for members of our community who would like to share their hobbies, passions, interests and time with people living with disabilities. “Our goal is to provide opportunities for people to meet other people in their community and grow relationships based on common interests. We are helping to build a community of inclusion.” Heather also shared: “We are wanting community members of all ages to participate in active inclusion by offering their time and talents/interests to someone living with a developmental disability. We encourage our community members to ask questions that they might be afraid to ask and have conversations to learn more about disabilities. You will likely find you have more in common with someone who is different from you than what you think.”

Likewise, you can help out by donating to the FANS network. They have recently received a donation from their Pickaway County Community Foundation and welcome other donations which can be designated for use of the FANS Network through the Pickaway County DD Board. These funds can assist in promoting the FANS Network as well as providing opportunities for community members with disabilities to participate in inclusive activities with their friends, allies and neighbors.

Are there other ways to help outside of donating? Absolutely!

“We are looking for opportunities for all of our FANS to give back to the community. We would like to see people of all abilities come together to help in our community on projects, fundraisers, and functions. If you have an upcoming event that the FANS Network can help with, please contact us!”

To learn more about the FANS Network or to start a conversation, feel free to contact Heather Foll, Community Connections Coordinator at the Pickaway County Board for the Developmentally Disabled.

P: 740-477-3353 ext. 39
Email [email protected]