The Pickaway County Fun Pages was created as a means to provide positive news, fun, information and inspiration to the local community.  It is a publication of “Dimple Times” which is also a part of Keystone Books and Gifts, a division of E-Quiver, Inc.

Condensed History

A few years ago we had started a publication called the “Roundabout”.  It was published on normal paper and designed to be something that you would pick up and read while you were sitting at a coffee shop or another place that you may be waiting.  After testing several times we sat on the idea until late 2017.  It was at this time we had created a couple of “funny pages” for another local publication and wanted to expand and start creating our own, new publication that would be filled with games, puzzles, stories, poems, book reviews and other positive fun.  While we knew that people still liked to read the news, including bad parts, we wanted to do something that could help people relax. Maybe unplug. The goal was to create something exciting that not only was “fun” itself, but helped share other fun things happening in the community.

Focus on Pickaway County

One of goals with the Pickaway County Fun Pages was to create and find FUN things to do within Pickaway County and the surrounding areas.  So if you have information or would like to be a part of the fun please let us know.

Why Keystone Books and Gifts

Okay, so more than once we have been told that “books” are “old-fashioned” or outdated.  Well guess what, there are tons of people who LOVE to still pick up a book and read.  We also believe that there are tons of people who love to pick up a newspaper and read or interact with it.  So we decided to join the two “old-fashioned” media forms and do what we love to do most.  READ!